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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 11:35AM
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Joseph Metford 1776-1863We are grateful to Peter Robson from Scarborough for getting in touch through our website and for sending archive material of his ancestors, Joseph and Elizabeth Metford, who attended Claverham Meeting in the mid-nineteenth century. Joseph had been a business man in Glastonbury and Bath who retired to live at Bickley (Cleeve side of Rhodyate Hill) in 1846 and then to Cypress Lodge (now the Old Malt House) in Kent Road, Congresbury. Elizabeth died in 1855 and Joseph became increasingly blind. His son Samuel returned from the United States to care for him and accompanied him on Sundays to Claverham Meeting. 

Elizabeth (Rawes) Metford 1779-1855Joseph held radical political views which embarrassed some more conservative Quakers at the time. He had been a recognised Quaker 'minister', but this recognition was formally withdrawn at a Monthly Meeting held at Sidcot, even though the the younger members presented him with a gift of specially bound Bible in recognition of his service. Claverham Friends seemed to be tolerant of  his egalitarian and anti-imperialist views, which included opposition to the occupation of India and advocating electoral reform.

Sameul Metford 1810-1896Joseph died in 1863 and both he and Elizabeth have grave stones in the burial ground at Claverham. Samuel died in 1896 in Weston-super-Mare.

In 2017, Georgina and Polly Thompson, descendants of Joseph Metford, presented to Claverham Meeting House the specially bound Bible, with a cover beautifully embroidered by members of the Metford family.    

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