Claverham Meetinghouse Trust

(Charity number 1052118)

The Trust owns the premises and the trustees have ultimate responsibility for the upkeep and sound administration of the property.


Three trustees are members of the Clark family, who originally purchased the property from the Society of Friends. One trustee is nominated by Bristol Area Meeting of the Society of Friends and one trustee is nominated by North Somerset & Wiltshire Area Meeting of the Society of Friends. The current trustees are:


  • Richard Clark              (office hours contact number 01458 842222)
  • Susanna Clark
  • Martin Lovell
  • Stephen Petter              (nominated by Bristol Area Meeting)
  • Tom Leimdorfer          (nominated by North Somerset Area Meeting)

Management Committee

The Management Committee meets three times a year for business and administrative matters, lettings policy and considerations of significant repair and maintenance items.

Current members of the Management Committee are:

  • Richard Clark              (Mid-Somerset Area Meeting, convener of trustees)
  • Roger Angerson          (Bristol Area Meeting) 
  • Judi Brill                     (Bristol Area meeting)
  • Graham Davey            (Bristol Area Meeting)
  • Peter Hodson              (Bristol Area Meeting)
  • Stephen Petter            (Bristol Area Meeting, trustee) 
  • Margaret Leimdorfer   (North Somerset Area meeting)
  • Tom Leimdorfer          (North Somerset Area Meeting, clerk and trustee)
  • David Maggs              (North Somerset Area Meeting)
  • Ali Cunningham          (North Somerset Area Meeting)
  • Jonathan Edwards       (North Somerset Area meeting) 
  • Gaynor Targett           (Norrth Somerset Area Meeting)

All enquiries about bookings and management should be through Tom Leimdorfer, Clerk of Management Committee

1 Verlands,
North Somerset,
BS49 5BL,
01934 834663;