Quakers at Claverham

At one time, before the development of the national rail network, Claverham was the primary gathering point of a large and well established rural Quaker congregation. The Somerset region gave rise to many prominent and influencial Quakers and their legacies. People like William Penn, and families such as the Clarks made the area notable for its Quaker heritage. Claverham saw nearly all of these people through the doors at one point or another and continues to have a strong tie to the Clark family itself. Please feel free to read through the pages in this section to learn more about our history, Claverham Meeting House today, and about the trust that has been set up to manage its affairs.

  • History

    335 years of history summed up in just one webpage!

  • Quaker Meetings

    Still in use for worship today (however infrequently), many Quakers in North Somerset hold a special appreciation for Claverham Meeting House. This section tells a bit more about its use today.

  • Claverham Meeting House Trust

    Although the meeting house is undeniably a Quaker institution, it is not officially owned by the Religious Society of Friends. Several years ago it was purchased by an independant trust set up by the Clark family in the interests of preservation. This section details the official particulars of that trust and provides some contact details sor some of the members and trustees.