Terms and Conditions of Residential Accommodation

The Claverham Management Committee has the responsibility of managing the upkeep and the use of Claverham Meeting House on behalf of the trustees of the Claverham Meeting House Trust. The Management Committee wishes to enable all visitors to enjoy the special atmosphere and facilities of Claverham with the minimum of restrictions. However, it is helpful to set out conditions for the use of the premises:

  1. The premises must not be used for purposes, which are not compatible with Quaker principles. If you have any doubts on this score, please consult the Clerk of the Committee.
  2. The use of the Meeting Room must be such as to respect the historic wood panelling and furniture and the room must always be restored to the way it is arranged for meeting for worship. The benches should only be moved with care and returned to their correct positions.
  3. There must be no nuisance to neighbours. There should be no noise after 11.00 p.m. and no games on the neighbouring farming land at any time.
  4. There is no smoking inside the building or the barn at any time. Use of candles for any occasion should be discussed with the Clerk beforehand. The fire in the cottage must only be lit and supervised by responsible adults. Campfires should be discussed with the Clerk beforehand. There must be no ball games on the patio.
  5. The premises must be left clean and tidy, with all the utensils left clean and in their places. Used bed linen should be removed from the beds and placed in one of the bathrooms.The low renting cost assumes that all users clean up after themselves. Any damage must be reported to the Clerk immediately and an appropriate charge will be made.
  6. There must be no pets brought on the premises. Exceptions (e.g. guide dogs) must be cleared with the Clerk.
  7. There must be no child on the premises under the age of eight without a parent.
  8. All property brought to Claverham is at the owner's risk.
  9. Cottage Two is the home of our Resident Friend, Lizi Phippen. Her privacy should be respected.
  10. Every booking must be made by someone over the age of 18 who takes responsibility for observing the terms and conditions for the booking.